There’s a New Way of Gifting, And It’s Here To Stay

Written by
Nazreen Ramzi
Published on
22 January 2021

Gift-giving to loved ones is a tried and tested method of showing your favourite people that you care. 

While the rise of social media and the popularity of online purchases have had a notable impact on how we take part in this social exchange, the pandemic really changed how ‘gift giving’ is perceived today. As the meaning behind gifts evolved, so did the practice of gift giving. We no longer give gifts to establish power or wealth. Giving gifts is an act of love, endearment, and showing our favourite people that we care.

The pandemic and the growth of digital gifting

With restrictions placed on real-world socialising ‘giving’ was one way through which we all sought to stay connected. 

Did you know that over 38.4% of shoppers according to the State of the Nation 2021 research, were found to have pivoted to digital Gift Cards completely since the onset of the pandemic? It was also found that 47.1% of respondents now normally redeem their Gift Card online and 21.6% of respondents tend to use them on their mobile devices. 

The shift beyond traditional gift giving

While different cultures follow different gift-giving practices, the underlying objective remains the same, i.e to spread happiness and joy. With the pandemic, we witnessed the idea of giving expand beyond the typical special occasions like birthdays and holidays and extend toward the wider community. 

It was a way to make up for lost time and experiences. And we tried to make up for these lost experiences by trying to recreate these experiences at home. And as we witnessed others in our community and around the world suffer through difficult times, we cannot deny how compelled we felt to do something about it. So whether it was buying food, groceries, or sometimes just a cup of coffee and having it delivered, it was also a way to let that neighbour or friend in isolation know that we care. 

What makes digital Gift Cards stand out from the traditional forms of gifting?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, Gift Cards are no longer impersonal and you can pull at the heartstrings of the receiver as if you had put in a lot of time and effort for that perfect gift. How, you ask?

  1. You can show you care, digitally

Savvy digital Gift Card providers, offer features to personalise your Gift Card by adding your own message, cool gifs or stickers. Isn’t a funny animation from a buddy that makes you laugh a lot better than a Christmas wrapping paper and a card? 

P.s With a digital Gift Card, you’re also showing you care for the environment. So why not help the trees and give them a digital Gift Card? 

  1. Who doesn’t like making their own choice? 

Just choose a Gift Card from a brand or retailer that you know the recipient will want. Choosing a specific retailer shows thoughtfulness and that you know what they want. But you’re letting them choose the perfect gift for themselves. 

Oh, and with you being able to choose the value of the Gift Card, it gives both the buyer and the receiver the gift of choice!

  1. Quick and Easy

Save hours and days spent researching ‘what's trending’ online or braving the hustle and bustle in shopping centres which is all very time-consuming. 

Simply choose a retailer or brand and decide on a budget. With digital Gift Cards, the purchase is instant and delivery can be done with any messaging app or SMS. It’s also great when you need a last-minute gift option! 

Moving with the times

Digital Gift Cards haven’t always existed in the way that we know them now. But with evolving technology and consumer trends, a new gifting experience is being introduced, especially with the introduction of virtual cash such as cryptocurrency. And as we see it, digital Gift Cards will continue to grow, adapt, and likely evolve in the foreseeable future and are definitely making its way as the new way of gifting. 

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